The vehicle will be verified with the final design report. Deviating up to 10% from the final design report is acceptable but on further deviations, teams will be penalized accordingly.


Good engineering practice will reflect a great manufacturing level. The vehicle will be examined by the judges at the time of Dynamic Event, so the participating teams are advised to manufacture the vehicle with pre-planned strategies so that the vehicle would be able to compete in several tasks and tests.


In the static test event while examining the vehicle, judges may raise questions on any of the team members. The team members are advised to be prepared with the vehicle. Every team member is required to have a hard copy of the vehicle documents.


The innovation done in the vehicle in Virtual Round will be discussed with the team and its working will be examined by the technical inspectors in the respective paddock of the teams. Team needs to present innovation report at the time of explaining the innovation. The innovation should be working and not just the concept.


Before the dynamic event there will be TI (Technical Inspection) which does not carry any points but is necessary for participating in dynamic event. TI will be strictly based on rulebook parameter and safety checks of the vehicle (No Deviation from rule book). The team will be given only 2 chances for the TI test failing which the team will be considered disqualified for the dynamic events.During TI judges are allowed to stand on bumper, chassis and other frame components in order to inspect the vehicle.


Every team is advised to use proper safety equipment’s during manufacturing or during any repair work on site. Technical Inspector will check safety equipment’s during Technical Inspection.


  1. Vehicle lifting by hand is not allowed, every team must use jack to lift the vehicle during repair work.
  2. Every member should wear proper shoes, workshop gloves and full sleeves cloths.


Maximum driver out time is 5sec, within this interval of time driver has to come out of the vehicle.


Teams are expected to prepare a complete business plan by understanding the sector and industry they are working for the event. Every team has to do the complete market survey of the same segment and prepare the strategies to target the customers. Team has to prepare a presentation, which has to be presented during the final round. Team has to convince the judges with their business plan presentation. Every team has to prepare a detailed report and the presentation. Team has to submit the complete business plan report in two phases. Teams are advised not to include any confidentiality agreement in the business plan; our aim is to evaluate the concept of your business idea not to sell out your idea in market. Preliminary report has to be submitted before the final round (Refer the event calendar for the submission schedule) and the final report has to be submitted in the final round.

Teams are expected to work upon the following points and prepare both the report and
the presentation accordingly;

Executive Summary:

This includes the organizational structure of your company. You need clearly define the roles for each member of the executive board. This member will then be responsible for the same in the report to follow.

Introduction to the Company: Introduce your company and its vision. Need a mission statement as well as vision statement.

Business/Company Profile: Explain your company profile in brief. This should act as the brochure of your company, which will cover the product line, the services provided, the USP etc.

Industry and Market Analysis: Thorough and complete survey of industry performance of last 2 years. Market analysis for the placement of your product in the competition. Competitor analysis should be included with the detailed report on the same.

Marketing Strategies: The basic plan of the company to tap the available market. Types of strategies the company proposes for marketing.

Operation Plan: The whole operation plan and the basic layout of the machinery used for the processes. Basic machining processes available in-house and the outsourced processes. The logistics and warehousing methods used in the company. The after sales spare parts process flow.

Sales forecast and Strategies: The teams are required to forecast their sales for the next five years and their strategies to achieve these sales. IF POSSIBLE the teams can also include the spare parts sales too.

Environmental Impact: The teams are required to give a report on the environmental impact caused due to their manufacturing activities and their measures to reduce the impact caused. Also, the teams are required to include an innovation to reduce the pollution caused by their vehicles.

Cost Plans: Teams are required to give a detailed cost report of their activities for the next 5 years. The exact calculation of the breakeven period as well as break-even quantity is a must. The capital structure of the company should be well explained. Cost plans MUST include the consideration of warranty costs as well. The costs of depreciation should also be considered.

Note: Roles and responsibilities of the company have to be distributed between minimum of 5 members. This means, the executive board must consist of minimum 5 members.