Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is BFKCT?
Bharath Formula karting powered by CADD Technologies School of Design Pvt. Ltd. BFKCT – is an event to bring out the students talent and enrich their knowledge in the emerging passionate filed of Motorsport Engineering. BFKCT will provide a platform to the budding engineers to enhance their knowledge and technical skills into reality.
2. How can I participate in the event / racing championships?
if you want participate in the event / racing championships by visiting our website and register.
3. What is the level of the competition
This is a National Level students self manufactured off road Go-Kart with maximum of 130 CC racing championship.  
4. Is there any Night Event?
5. Is driving license is required for driving the Kart on track?
Yes, license is mandatory for driver and co driver, issued by Regional Transport Office (RTO) or Regional Transport Authority (RTA) of India. During the event team driver and co driver must bring the original licenseto show it to the event authority which is compulsory.
6. Will you provide any support for shipping of the vehicle?
No, Transportation of the vehicle and team members will be sole responsibility of the team.
7. What is the registration process for the Teams?
The registration process for the team will be given in the website in detail under registration tag. 
8. How to register my team?
Visit the website of Bharath Formula Karting and follow the registration process.  Click here for the registration.
9. How many teams can register from a College/University?
As this is an open challenge, there is no limitation for the number of teams participating from a College / University.
10. What is the registration Fee and mode of payment?
Please visit the website and see the registration tag click here
11. How many team members are allowed in a team?
Maximum of 25 members are allowed per team.  
12. We have registered our team. What is the next step?
Read the rule book thoroughly. Start design and documentation of your vehicle and ready for virtual presentation.
13. We have registered our team, so are we selected for Bharath formula kart?Can we start to build our car?
No, after your virtual presentation, expert can analyze your design, analysis and documentation and based on their suggestion you will be given authentication for manufacturing of Kart 
14. Will there be any 'Virtual' round?
Yes, as this is a professional event, before starting of manufacturing the vehicle, you need to do design, analyze and documentation of your proposed kart and do the presentation. The expert will approve the proposed design or they may give a suggestion to do the modification. According to the suggestion you can work on manufacturing of the kart.
15. When do we submit our registration fees?
After registration, teams need to pay the registration fees before the last date. Teams who pay their registration fees earlier will be confirmed for the event and registration will close after 200 teams confirmed.
16. Where is the competition venue?
July, 2018 (Last Week) or August 2018 (First Week)
17. Where is the competition venue?
Kari Motor Speedway – Formula 3 Auto Racing Circuit, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
18. Will we provide accommodation/food at the competition venue?
Facilities will be available at nominal charges.
19. Who can participate?
Anyone who is having a team, who can build go karts and having passion for driving, Students pursuing under any undergraduate engineering degree are eligible. Also, 2017 pass-outs are also eligible.
20. What do I need to wear during racing on track?
You must wear helmet, sport driving gloves, shoe, neck pad and shooting. Before coming to track please check the expiry dates of the all items.
21. Any rules to make the Vehicle?
Refer to BFKCT Rulebook
22. Who finances the participating teams?
Teams can request for sponsorships from different organizations and their College/Institution.
Integrated team refers that, team formed by combination of different departments from the institutions/University but the team size should not exceed 25 members.
24. What is the benefit of forming an integrated team?
The formation of integrated team will give a space to share the knowledge, technology, experience and contacts to design a Kart in high quality at effective time duration. Furtherhaving female candidates as part of your team will fetch you 25 Bonus points extra. For further information, please refer BFKCT Rulebook.
25. Is it mandatory to have a female in our team?
No, it is not mandatory
26. If we have female student in our team, is it mandatory to participate the final event?
Yes, it is compulsory. Female students must participate in the final event.
27. What is your policy on ALCOHOL?
Bharath formula kart operates on a strict 0.00% BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) policy. We reserve the right to have a breath-test of anyone from the team. We also reserve all the rights to refuse entry without refund of any team which is suspected or Identified of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
28. Which engine to be used for this competition?
Please refer rule book.
29. If I have event related query, whom I should contact?

Mr.Ramshankar: +91 97886 24219

30. Why is it necessary to form a team mail ID?
It is necessary to have a single team Email ID, so as to minimize the risk of miss communication between the teams and the organization.
31. We already have a Go-Kart, made for last year’s event and its performance also well, can I make use of that same kart this year also?

You can make use of a Kart made earlier by you or your teammates. But that kart must be in accordance with the rulebook given in the BFKCT Rulebook.  However you need to take the approval from us before getting into final event on the performance.

32. Will there be any arrangements for performing test runs at event venue during the dynamic round?
We know that every team will be excited to perform a test run and check their vehicle and its power unit before the event. But regretfully, currently, we cannot provide that. Teams would have to perform all the test runs at their Institute before arriving for the event.