The following are general guidelines for conducting the endurance event. The organizers reserve the right to establish procedures specific to the conduct of the event at the site.

Refuelling will not be allowed during an endurance heat

PROCEDURE: The final event will be run as a single heat approximately for 1 hour. Teams are not allowed to work on their vehicles during the heat. A driver change can be made during a two (2) minute period at the midpoint of the heat. Wheel-to-wheel racing is prohibited. Passing another vehicle may only be done in an established passing zone.

ENDURANCE FUEL FILL: Before entering the event each vehicle’s fuel tank must be filled to the fuel level line at the fuelling station. During fuelling, once filled to the scribe line, no shaking or tilting of the tank or fuel system (incl. entire vehicle) is allowed.

VEHICLE BREAKDOWN And STALLS: If a vehicle breaks down it will be removed from the course and will not be allowed to re-enter the course. If a vehicle stalls, or ingests a cone, etc., it will be allowed to restart and re-enter the course where it went off, but no work may be performed on the vehicle. If a Kart stands and cannot be restarted without external assistance, the track workers will push the kart clear of the track. At the discretion of event officials, two (2) team members may retrieve the kart under direction of the track workers.

ENDURANCE MINIMUM SPEED REQUIREMENT: If a kart is unable to maintain lap times within 137% of the fastest lap time for the course, and then it must exit immediately. Disqualification for failure to maintain the minimum speed will be made at the discretion of the Director of Operations.

ENDURANCE LAP TIMING: Each lap of the endurance event will be individually timed by electronic means. The timefor an individual heat will be determined by subtracting the extra-long lap for the driver change from the total time and adding any penalty points.