We love BFKCT for giving us lot of practical exposure, opportunity to implement what we learned e.g., topics like Project Planning, Cost Budgeting and also develop our interpersonal skills, etc. And one thing, I liked about technologies was their helping attitude they cleared our queries now and then in the entire rule book.


Redmist Riders, Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology

We have participated in the first season of BFKCT @ Kari Motor Speedway. We really enjoyed each and every moment of the event and the way, Events organized was really amazing. Event Co-ordinators and Staffs are very friendly and we have gained lots of knowledge during the event. We are eagerly waiting for the BFKCT Season-2. K. SHIJUPRASAD

Team Piston Breaker

We had a very wonderful experience during the BFKCT event. The judges were very friendly and had a good interaction and rectification during our presentation. We are hoping for the same fun and learning experience at the season 2, Thank you for the support BFKCT team. Hayagreevan S

Team Lauskart

This is me Joseph Marian Roshaanth captain of The team PISTONHEADS , Sathyabama university …..We are happy to involve ourselves in this particular event cause it’s a great exposure for us to bring out all the innovative ideas without exceeding the given specs and that itself is a great task ….We had a very smooth session of the virtual round at which we were able to present our ideas and other interesting facts …..We also like to thank the Judges who were so supportive by giving small suggestions when needed ….We are happy to be a part of this great event ,thank you for creating such an event.

Joseph Marian Roshaanth

Team iston Heads

We are really happy to take part in your competition. The way you organized was mesmerizing where no flop where there, we really enjoyed each and every test and the way of official’s response to the teams queries where so condor. We even get gelled with our competitors, the way of inspecting team where so jocose way to make us learn from the mistakes. We would like to thank all officials on behalf of the participants. We are eagerly waiting for the big blockbuster Season 2. Raja Gopal

TEAM CIET Go-Getter's

It’s a great opportunity to fabricate a kart in guidance of BFKCT organisers, for one of the best Race tracks in India.
The event helped to understand the other aspects more clearly for getting the perfection.

Vivek V Khandelwal

Team Valour

Thanks to BFKCT and its organization committee to provide us such a big platform to exhibit our talent and talents of our fellow competitors. Last but not least I am once again thankful to BFKCT for providing us, Fabulous track {KARI MOTOR SPEEDWAY} for upcoming Event.
………….. THANK YOU………… Vivek Gurve

Team Abhyuday